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Diensten Lifestyle
Developer: Kenneth Cameron
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Desk Clock. Nightlight. Flashlight. Emergency Flasher. Any Language Calendar. DLight

As a Clock, DLight uses your International Region settings to provide calendar information in your native language and format. Languages supported include English, French, German, Spanish, Croatian, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and many others. DLight will default to the type of Clock display for your Region Settings, but can be switched Between 12 Hour and 24 Hour displays by touching the screen.

Running as a NightLight, the screen starts with a bright red display (to maximize night vision), and gradually fades to a black display with red letters as your night vision improves. The Screen Lock Timer is initially disabled, but will be enabled after a set amount of time. This means you can fall asleep with the light on, but reduce the drain on your batteries. You can control the NightLight settings by pressing the settings button. The Dimmer Fade Time is initially set to 20 minutes, and the Screen Lock Disabled Timer is initially set to 60 minutes. You can change the Fade Time to any value between 1 and 60 minutes, and the Screen Lock Disabled Timer to any value between 0 minutes and 12 hours. If you need to pick the phone up and use it as a flashlight, just give it a good shake and it will put the nightlight on the brightest red setting and reset the Screen Lock Disabled Timer. If you need more light, just give it another shake and it will put up a white screen to give even more light. When you want it red again just give it another shake.

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